Saturday, 4 August 2012

I'm back !

A number of commitments took up all my time and energy since August 2011 but I'm back with more art related stuff and renewed determination to improve my painting! So here goes... I generally paint in Acrylic but recently I've been getting out my oil paints ,watercolours and yes my pastels. I have enough art materials stashed away I could open up my own art shop! So given the general financial situation I have decided to make use of all my hoard. I also have enough frames to last me for years so should I paint something I'm pleased with I will hopefully be able to frame it myself. The studio is really quite spacious but filled now with half finished paintings and frames and some works by my two artist daughters. Anyway here is a recent painting framed up in one of my ready made frames! It is acrylic and is quite textured
The painting is 10 x 8 ins no title as yet!