Thursday, 18 August 2011

It's Saturday so it must be Venice

Arriving on a cruise ship in Venice is an amazing experience! This ungainly ship glides along close to the buildings in order to get to the docking area. All these photos were taken standing on our balcony. We were so high up we could see most of Venice and could look up the canals as we passed. The first photo shows several cruise ships already berthed in the dock.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Still in Pompeii

Just a few more images of Pompeii. As we neared the end of our tour the place began to fill up as more tours arrived. Hence a lot of photos had more people in them than I would have liked! The photo of the garden was taken in one of the grandest houses. The tranquil garden would have been surrounded by the house and other outbuildings.The seated figure was a caste taken from the space left by the person who had died (from gas inhalation).

Monday, 1 August 2011

It's Salerno so it must be Thursday!

From the picturesque port of Salerno where in WW2 the Allied forces disembarked to start battling their way up through the mountainous hinterland.We on the other hand were on a coach heading for Pompeii and 79AD. We will see Mt Vesuvius and a once thriving empire left in ashes following a volcanic eruption. The 3 photos in the post show Mt Vesuvius , a beautiful fresco in one of the houses and a selection of artifacts found on the sight.It is intersting to note that the fresco artist knew how to show perspective as early as 79AD!